The VonOstin Group
  Our mission is simple. . .

Unparalleled Support. We are committed to providing you excellencein both service and support, unsurpassed in the industry.This is the key to our success, and yours.

Our philosophy: Web solutions should simplify, not complicate, business operations. The VonOstin Group specializes in customized technology solutions that help our clients automate key business processes, respond to customers' needs faster, and improve communications with clients, partners, and investors. This means building scalable technology solutions that augment your existing architecture and are powerful enough to anticipate and handle future needs.

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Datacenter: The VonOstin Group hosts its servers in the state-of-the-art Sago Network facility in Tampa, FL. This facility boasts multiple fiber providers for diversity and redundancy. With over 88,000 sq. ft. of space, Sago offers plenty of room for expansion and state of the art security protecting our servers with 24/7 armed guards and over 100 security camera's on the premise.

The Sago Network data center includes "N+2" redundant systems of every type from the 200 tons of CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) to maintain proper humidity and temperature levels, to the separate transformers fed from two utility sources that enter the building from diverse paths.

Partners: In business, you don't partner with just anyone. See how our alliances with leaders in the industry help us offer premier business solutions as well as products and tools that enhance service offerings.